“Finally, You Can Stop Worrying About Paying Down Mortgage From Your Own Pocket.

No More Late Rental Payments. No More Zero Occupancy After Your Existing Tenants Move Out.”

Ashique Abdullah

Ashique Abdullah

Real Estate Advisor

From the Desk of Ashique Abdullah
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Friend,

Do you have an apartment in Kuala Lumpur that is available for rent next month?

Are you looking for tenant(s) who would keep your apartment in good condition throughout their tenancy period?

Are you okay to rent out your apartment to non-Malaysian students and/or professionals?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to all three questions above, then I can help you rent out your property.

Hi… my name is Ashique Abdullah and I have been helping property owners in KL to rent out their apartments since 2013.

I’m not your usual property agent who would ignore managing your property after getting you tenants and earning rental commission.

In fact, I don’t work like a typical real estate agent in Malaysia.

I’m an independent Property Consultant, who employs a team of Malaysian professionals to offer basic property management services in Kuala Lumpur CBD.

My company offers room rental services to expats and international students in Kuala Lumpur.

Here’s why you should hire us for managing your property:

  • Our tenant clients can afford to pay rental consistently month after month;

  • Our international student clients are sponsored by their rich parents overseas;

  • Our expat clients are mostly IT professionals who earn RM7000 to RM15k per month;

  • We provide customer service to our tenant clients during their entire tenancy period;

  • We offer 100% occupancy guarantee for certain properties, so you will never worry about paying down mortgage from your own pocket.

MrAshique has been managing my property at Sentral Titiwangsa for the past 5 years, professionally and to my satisfaction, I would definitely recommend his service to my friends.

Valiyapan K. N.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here’s how we will provide you our property management services:

Sourcing new tenants through our client database;

Advertising your property if new tenants cannot be sourced through our database;

Showing your apartment to the prospective tenants;

Preparation of Tenancy Agreement;

Stamping of tenancy agreement from the govt office;

Taking photos of the interior of the property to keep a record of the condition of the property before the new tenants move in;

Reporting issues (if any) with the apartment fixtures and fittings, furniture, electrical appliances, etc to you before the new tenant moves in;

Providing plumbing and servicing of air-conditioners and bathroom water heater through our third-party contractors whenever required;

Communicating and corresponding with the tenant(s), on behalf of the owner, whenever they need any information related to staying in the apartment during their tenancy period;

Making sure that the tenant(s) pay the rental every month punctually;

Carrying out pre- move-out inspection of the property and reporting damages (if any) to the owner; and

Calculating the deductions from the security deposit due to damages (if any) and unpaid utilities (if any).

Mr. Ashique is maintaining my unit for past 5 years. He is very professional and concerned about both owner and tenant. He maintains all documents very well and get it duly signed on time. I would recommend him for my friends.

Stephen R.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here’s what you need to do next:

If you own an apartment in the Central Business District of Kuala Lumpur OR anywhere in walking distance to a Monorail, LRT, or MRT station in Kuala Lumpur;

and if your property is partly furnished or fully-furnished with decent furniture, no pest problem and it’s ready to move in, then…

Contact us today by filling out the form (below) for a free consultation to find out if we can manage your rental property.

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