Ashique Abdullah

Business Growth Consultant | Real Estate Advisor | Airbnb Mentor

Ashique Abdullah

Business Growth Consultant
Real Estate Advisor
Airbnb Mentor

Ashique Abdullah has been helping businesses grow their bottom line through direct response marketing and online branding since 2008.

He advises entrepreneurs how to position their brand in the market to stand out from the competition and turn prospects into raving fans and buyers.

Apart from providing digital marketing consultation, primarily to the North American market, Ashique is doing real estate business in South-East Asia since 2011. He currently manages his clients’ portfolio of rental properties in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia through his team of property managers and real estate agents.

As a former Superhost in Airbnb, Ashique also offers consultation to vacation rental owners and managers worldwide. He provides them with expert advice on how to improve their quality of Airbnb hosting and helps them to increase the ranking of their listings, in order to generate for them more bookings consistently for long term.

As a business growth consultant, Ashique loves helping both startups and established brands to develop new products and services, and improve their marketing and sales strategies to skyrocket their businesses.

With more than a decade of experience in online marketing, Ashique helps realtors, personal brands and owner-operated businesses with copywriting, content marketing, and sales optimization strategies to grow their businesses.


Ashique Abdullah’s story:

Ashique started his career as an internet marketer in 2008. He worked as an SEO consultant to local businesses in Malaysia until 2011.

As an SEO Consultant, his portfolio of services included keyword research, SEO article writing, copywriting for websites and sales pages, ghostwriting for blogs, article marketing, on-page SEO and link building for boosting website ranking in Google SERPs.

Ashique Abdullah diversified his career into the real estate industry in 2011. He worked as an independent property consultant for OZ Property Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. OZ Property Group was a subsidiary company of KING Property Group (Australia). Ashique was responsible to bring international investors for properties sold in Malaysia, Australia and United Kingdom. 

I have known Ashique for a long time. His work ethic is fantastic. And he gets things done. He is a natural entrepreneur, with multiple talents. He was involved in King Group Real Estate company in Malaysia where he was actively selling UK and Australian properties to clients in Malaysia and other South East Asian countries. And he is also a technology enthusiast. I wish him all the best in all his entrepreneurial journeys.

Dato' Ameer Ali Abas

Sr. Business Development Manager (former), OZ Property Group Sdn Bhd

In 2012, Ashique became one of the few people in Malaysia to try out Airbnb as a host. The concept of peer-to-peer home sharing in Asia was quite new at the time. He found it amazing to meet strangers (tourists and travelers) through Airbnb and host them as guests in his home in Kuala Lumpur. It helped him to pay his apartment rental and utilities, as well as spend some time socializing with people from many parts of the world. Eventually, Ashique was intrigued by the process of hospitality and planned to make a decent living out of Airbnb.

In late 2013, Ashique started offering room rental services to expats and international students in Kuala Lumpur. He partnered with Wall Street English (Malaysia) to provide accommodation to their international students, who came from Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Libya and Iraq. Ashique’s expat clients came from Spain, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Indonesia, Philippines and India. A few tenants were also Malaysian professionals.

The room rental services were not for short-term tenants. The minimum duration of tenancy was 3 months. Most of the tenants signed up for 6-month tenancy. After successfully running this property management business for a while, Ashique realized that he could earn at least three times more if he were renting out the same rooms in Airbnb.

So, in 2014, Ashique launched his small-scale vacation rental business under the brand name Luxe Lodging, offering bed-and-breakfast (B&B) and extended-stay accommodation in selected modern apartments and 4-star hotel suites in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The online bookings were mostly generated through Airbnb and Booking.com.

Here are some reviews (out of 280+ reviews) posted by Ashique’s guests:

Ashique was an amazing host, he’s friendly, very responsive, accomodating, and super organized. If you get the chance to talk to him, you’ll see that he’s also a great person. The apartment itself was nice, very clean, and a location with easily accessible transportation if you don’t have a car. I recommend staying in Titiwangsa for an authentic experience of the culture. I would definitely stay here again any time I am back in KL. I had a great experience. Thanks, Ashique!

Rose D.

New York, NY, Airbnb Guest

Ashique is the best host ever! He made me feel at home. He waited for me even though my flight was delayed and I arrived only after 1am. I enjoyed the swiming pool, sunbath, gym and table tennis. Ashique has given me plenty of tips about how to travel in KL and Malaysia. I felt safe and comfortable the whole time. The location was good. Many restaurants and a food court around. Quick and convenient ride to the city center with either LRT or Monorail.

Sara K.

London, United Kingdom, Airbnb Guest

Everything you see and read about Ashique and his place in his listing are what his place is about. There are no surprises, and no tricks: what you see is what you get…and in my experience of traveling all over Asia, that is very valuable (and rare!). I would definitely use his place again, if not for the affordability and access to a condo-like living experience, then for the care that Ashique puts into keeping his place in order. Thanks for your help, Ashique!

Greg M.

Los Angeles, CA, Airbnb Guest

During 2017-2018, Ashique earned the “Superhost” title in Airbnb five (5) times in a row for his excellent performance as a vacation rental host. He also achieved Booking.com Guest Review Awards 2017 for his homestay property Luxe Homestay Titiwangsa.

Get Expert Advice From Ashique Abdullah To Start Or Grow Your Vacation Rental Business.

Ashique closed his vacation rental business in mid-2017 and moved to his home country Bangladesh to dedicate more time in growing his digital agency for realtors, Ashtech Properties.

As a Real Estate Advisor, Ashique Abdullah helps High Net Worth Individuals around the world find the right properties to invest in Malaysia. He also manages his clients’ buy-to-let properties in Kuala Lumpur through his team of property managers and real estate agents since 2013.

MrAshique has been managing my property at Sentral Titiwangsa for the past 5 years, professionally and to my satisfaction, I would definitely recommend his service to my friends.

Valiyapan N.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mr. Ashique is maintaining my unit for past 5 years. He is very professional and concerned about both owner and tenant. He maintains all documents very well and get it duly signed on time. I would recommend him for my friends.

Stephen R.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Although Ashique diversified his career into the real estate industries, his success in the promotion and sales of properties mostly came from implementing digital marketing strategies. For instance, promoting international properties through social media and online advertising campaigns, and conducting lead generation and email marketing campaigns to nurture leads were the key to his success in real estate.

Ashique Abdullah has been writing sales copy, optimizing sales processes, and running email marketing campaigns for his clients and for his own businesses since 2008. Using the knowledge and expertise acquired in the past 14 years, Ashique is now helping owner-operated businesses in boosting their customer conversion rate and deploying profitable marketing campaigns to achieve their sales target.

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