Ashique Abdullah

Digital Marketing Expert | Entrepreneur

Ashique Abdullah is the co-founder of Ashtech Properties Ltd, a modern-day advertising agency for property owners, real estate agents, and property developers.

Ashique Abdullah is currently building his startup Рan online branding and direct-booking solution for vacation rental owners and Airbnb hosts. With five years of experience in hosting 600+ vacation rental guests, Ashique knows the exact problems and difficulties associated with getting direct bookings. So he is creating a cost-effective solution to help other hosts get direct bookings with ease.

Ashique is also working on building his ‘digital marketing agency’ startup, AshtechMedia, which he aims to launch in early 2019. Inspired from helping clients in the real estate niche with digital advertising services, Ashique wants to serve entrepreneurs, personal brands, startups and SMEs with digital marketing and online branding services.

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Ashique Abdullah’s story:

Ashique started his career as a real estate agent in 2011. He worked as an independent property consultant for OZ Property Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. OZ Property Group was a subsidiary company of KING Property Group (Australia). Ashique’s job was to bring international investors for properties sold in Malaysia, Australia and United Kingdom.

In 2012, Ashique became one of the few people in Malaysia to try out Airbnb as a host. The concept of peer-to-peer home sharing in Asia was quite new at the time. Ashique found it amazing to meet strangers (tourists and travelers) through Airbnb and host them as guests in his home in Kuala Lumpur. It helped him to pay his apartment rental and utilities, as well as spend some time socializing with people from many parts of the world. Eventually, Ashique was intrigued by the process of hospitality and planned to make a decent living out of Airbnb.

In late 2013, Ashique started offering room rental services to expats and international students in Kuala Lumpur. He partnered with Wall Street English (Malaysia) to provide accommodation to their international students, who came from Japan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Yemen, Libya and Iraq. Ashique’s expat clients came from Spain, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Indonesia, Philippines and India. A few tenants were also Malaysian professionals.

The room rental services were not for short-term tenants. The minimum duration of tenancy was 3 months. Most of the tenants signed up for 6-month tenancy agreement. While successfully running this property management service as a realtor, Ashique realized that he could earn at least three times more if he were renting out the same rooms in Airbnb.

So, in 2014, Ashique launched his small-scale vacation rental business under the brand name Luxe Lodging, offering bed-and-breakfast (bnb) and extended-stay accommodation to tourists and travelers in selected modern apartments and 4-star hotel suites in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The online bookings were mostly generated through Airbnb and

During 2017-2018, Ashique earned the “Superhost” title in Airbnb five (5) times in a row for his excellent performance as a vacation rental host. He also achieved Guest Review Awards 2017 for his homestay property Luxe Homestay Titiwangsa.

Ashique closed his vacation rental business in mid-2017 and moved to his home country Bangladesh to dedicate more time to grow his real estate advertising agency, Ashtech Properties.

Although Ashique is not hosting Airbnb guests anymore, he has interests in opening a boutique hotel and/or a large-scale hotel apartment chain in the near future. If you are interested to invest in the Tourist Accommodation business with Ashique, write to him here.

If you are considering to start your own vacation rental business, or begin hosting short-term guests in your home through Airbnb, or if you just need to improve performance of your Airbnb listings, you can hire Ashique for consultation.