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Dear Friend,

If you want to be successful in getting a promotion or raise at your current job…

Or getting selected for a new position at a different company…

You must demonstrate your True VALUE and show the company WHY they need YOU, more than you need the job.

You need to build a unique ‘reputation’ or ‘image’ of yours that will automatically QUALIFY you for a promotion, raise, or a job offer at your dream company.

This unique reputation or image is what we call a BRAND in the marketing and business world.

And when this reputation/image is about an individual, we call it a ‘Personal Brand’.

A personal brand helps you to establish authority in your industry …and stand out from your competition.

Your personal brand is established through your website and promoted through your Resume and social networking sites (such as LinkedIn).

So, if you have a personal website (or going to create one) for your personal brand, but you haven’t written your web content in a way that makes your target audience interested in hiring you …then you should implement a method which I call:

The 3-Step Branding

This branding method helps you to write compelling content for your website by:

✅ Grabbing attention of your audience (in this case, your potential employer or clients),

✅ Keep them reading your content, and

✅ Make them believe that you’re the one they’re looking for.

So the three steps are…

Step 1: Create A Fascinating Brand Story

The first step of the plan is to create a fascinating story of your Personal Brand. There are certain components to your story that you need to get… in order to make it fascinating so that your potential employers would be interested to learn more about you.

And this is really simple. The way we tell our stories when it comes to our professional life is dramatically different than if we’re trying to entertain somebody. So slightly different strategies.

Step 2: Demonstrate Competencies And Skills

The second step of the plan is really easy! Once we’ve hooked our target employers with our fascinating brand story and now that they are interested to learn more about us… we demonstrate our competencies and skills by elaborating more on what we have done and achieved so far in our career.

Step 3: Build Trust And Credibility

And then Step no. 3 is we build trust and credibility by showing what our previous employers opine about us.

And the Result of this Branding Method is this:

Number one: companies will know who you are and they’ll have a CRYSTAL clear idea on how you can help them with your expertise.

They will also like you, trust you and they’ll be more inclined to tell their friends and colleagues about you.

And you’ve got a way better chance of them becoming your employers than you would.. if you try to just submit a resume (that does not mention the website of your personal brand) and then hoping to get a call for the job interview.

And so, that’s the result of this method: The 3-Step Branding.

The Three Steps actually help you to write content for your

  • About Page,
  • Portfolio/ Skills Page, and
  • Testimonial Page respectively.

The 3-Step Branding method is a Strategic PLAN to make your potential employer/ client realize that …you are The ONE they need to hire for their business.

Now, don’t get me wrong… you don’t need to be an extraordinary candidate to be The ONE who can be an asset for a company.

If you meet the minimum requirements to do the job properly, or you’re qualified enough to offer a particular service… AND you strategically write the content for the above-mentioned Three Pages of your personal website…

…Then your potential employer/ client will realize WHY they need YOU, more than you need the job.

And this would surely fast-track the steps of the evaluation process for the hiring manager.

So that’s why I’ve written a 15-page Guidebook and created a 15-page Workbook

3-Step Branding Method

…that will teach you how to use the 3-Step branding method to easily create compelling content for your website and make a great first impression to your potential employers or clients.

You can also implement this branding method to optimize your LinkedIn profile and write compelling content for your About section …so you can also get attention from companies who’re assessing candidates mostly on LinkedIn.

Here’s What The eBooks Will Do For You:

✅ Most people don’t read a full e-book that contains a lot of pages with unnecessary details, written just to make the book appear long and valuable. I don’t want you to waste your time with any fluff and so my Guidebook is only 15 pages long that you can finish reading in about 15-20 minutes.

It’s written to the point, so you can quickly understand what’s being taught and follow the action steps.

✅ It will teach you how to create compelling content for your About Page, Portfolio/Skills Page, and Testimonial Page of your personal website.

✅ After finish writing content, when you share your website with your potential employer or client, they will know who you are and how you can help them with your expertise.

✅ Your website content will evoke interest, attention, and admiration from your future clients or employers for your knowledge and skills in your profession.

✅ And you’ll have a higher chance of getting shortlisted for a job interview.

Here’s How It Works:

✅ The Guidebook will give you the ACTION STEPS to write content for your About Page, Portfolio/ Skills Page, and Testimonial Page;

✅ It will help you to implement the 3-Step Branding by creating compelling content for your personal website;

✅ It will show you EXAMPLES …so that you get a better idea about how to write your fascinating story for your About Page of the website;

✅ And the Workbook will help you do research and brainstorming for your website’s content creation.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next:

If you are serious about creating or improving the content of your ‘personal brand’ website and, eventually, become a highly sought-after professional/ expert,

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However, as this guide and workbook is D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself)…

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On my Fiverr page, you can read 4 pages of the Guide for FREE, to see for yourself its VALUE, before placing the order.

I’ll send you the Guide and Workbook within 24 hours after you place the order.

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Here’s what you’re getting:

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(If you haven’t bought a web domain name, such as yourname.com, or you haven’t subscribed to a web hosting service to host your website, I can also help you to choose the best option for your website.)

If you can publish posts on Facebook or any social networking sites, you can also use the WordPress platform to write content for your website. It’s that simple!

Thus, you don’t have to worry about setting up your website.

All You Need To Do Is:

  • Place your order now to get started,
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However… this bonus is available for the first 10 people who buy my book today. If you can read this Bonus Offer in this yellow box, it means the offer is still available.

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Launching your personal brand is like starting a small business.

Business has risks.

And there are no guarantees.

I’m not promising you any results of any kind other than a great learning experience as you read the e-book (guide) and do your research and brainstorming using the workbook.

I’ve been doing this for 13+ years and it’s never been “fast and easy”.

Having said that, the strategies I’m going to teach you is something you can find very BENEFICIAL.

And it is something that every brand on the planet wants: Turning A Prospect Into A Customer/Client.

The strategies you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever.

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