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Getting job interviews isn’t as simple as just submitting job applications.

If that were the case, there would be very few people looking for jobs and using the hashtag #opentowork on LinkedIn. Right?

Reality is a lot different than that, especially after covid-19 disrupted the job market.

The truth is… applying for jobs is easy, getting interviews are not.

The key to getting job interviews is good communication.

Communication that relays your message to your ideal employers and shows them why they need YOU more than you need the job.

The hard part is that it’s obviously easier said than done!

If you’re struggling to get a job in your dream company… you’re not alone!

According to Glassdoor, 98% of applicants don’t hear back from companies after sending their job applications. And if that’s you, it makes you lose confidence, and feel frustrated at some point. Right?

As a talented professional, you shouldn’t have to wait too long …and still not get the job that you deserve. That’s not right!

So, how would you solve this problem?

Well… it’s not as hard as you might think it is.


Here’s How To Get Job Interviews …Even If You Are Competing With Really Qualified Candidates!


According to Clint Smith, Founder of CareerPlug… there are only 3 key hiring criteria for evaluating a candidate during an interview:


During the interview, the hiring manager asks various questions that assess:

  • whether a candidate is capable of doing the job well for the vacant position even if she meets the minimum requirements,
  • whether she has enough motivation to do the job effectively, and
  • whether she has similar values to the company’s overall culture.

Now, BEFORE getting the chance of an interview…

IF we could demonstrate that we meet the key hiring criteria, don’t you think this would REALLY increase our chances of getting selected for the interview? 

So… how would you demonstrate your personality, motivation and culture fit in advance when applying for a job?

Well… it’s simple.

Create your Personal Brand.

Your personal brand is established through your website and promoted through your Resume and social networking sites (such as LinkedIn).

So #1, you need to set up a website for your personal brand.

And then #2, put your website URL (e.g. yourname.com) in your resume and cover letter, so that your potential employer can check it out while going through your job application.

According to a Forbes article, 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.

While your CV/resume TELLS your future employer about your work experience and skills, your personal website gives you the opportunity to SHOW them your work portfolio through images and videos.

You can also include testimonials from previous employers and thus showcase your strengths to demonstrate why someone should hire you.

While setting up a website is not a big deal these days… you can easily hire someone to build it for you

The challenging part is what to write in your website that

✅ Grabs attention of your audience (in this case, your potential employer),

✅ Keep them reading your content, and

✅ Make them believe that you’re the one they’re looking for.

So, that’s why I’ve created a simple PLAN for you, which I call…

The 3-Step Branding

Step 1: Create A Fascinating Brand Story

The first step of the plan is to create a fascinating story of your Personal Brand. There are certain components to your story that you need to get… in order to make it fascinating so that your potential employers would be interested to learn more about you.

And this is really simple. The way we tell our stories when it comes to our professional life is dramatically different than if we’re trying to entertain somebody. So slightly different strategies.

Step 2: Demonstrate Competencies And Skills

The second step of the plan is really easy! Once we’ve hooked our target employers with our fascinating brand story and now that they are interested to learn more about us… we demonstrate our competencies and skills by elaborating more on what we have done and achieved so far in our career.

Step 3: Build Trust And Credibility

And the third step is that we build trust and credibility by showing what our previous employers opine about us.

Then the Result of this Plan is this:

Companies will know who you are and they will have a CRYSTAL clear idea on how you can help them with your expertise.

They will also like you, trust you and they will be more inclined to tell their friends and colleagues about you.

And you’ve got a way better chance of them becoming your employers than you would.. if you try to just submit a resume (without building your personal brand) and then hoping to get a call for the job interview.

And so, that’s the result of this PLAN: The 3-Step Branding.

I’ve written two e-books, a 15-page Guidebook and a 15-page Workbook…

3-Step Branding Method

…that will teach you how to use the 3-Step branding method to easily create compelling content for your website and make a great first impression to your potential employers.

You can also implement this branding method to optimize your LinkedIn profile and write compelling content for your About section …so you can also get attention from companies who’re assessing candidates mostly on LinkedIn.

I’m selling these two eBooks for $39 only.

You can read 4 pages of the Guide for FREE, to see for yourself its VALUE, before placing the order.

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