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From the Desk of Ashique Abdullah
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Friend,

Did you know… most candidates score lower in writing than any other part of the IELTS exam?

This is so because, unlike Reading, Listening, and Speaking Modules, the Writing module requires you to do more. You need to spell words correctly, and punctuate and structure your sentences properly.

To get a good band score in IELTS writing exam, you must:

  • not make any grammatical mistakes
  • have little to no spelling errors
  • have good vocabulary skills to vary your language
  • maintain a clear and logical structure in your writing, and
  • be consistent in your ideas.

Fortunately, an IELTS examiner does not expect you to be an expert writer when s/he is checking your exam based on the above criteria.

You just need to be proficient in English language.

Whether you are considering to study/ work abroad or just be more competent in your workplace at your home country …you might already realize that English proficiency is vital for your personal development and career growth.

So, if you’re currently struggling to write decent English or you want to get a good score in your upcoming English exam…

…then you should definitely consider joining my English Practice Program that is starting on Sunday, November 6th.

I will be your main instructor for the program and here’s why I’m qualified to help you in improving your English language skills:

    • I’m a graduate (Honours) from the University of Greenwich (UK)
    • I did GCE O’ and A’ Levels from Scholastica (Dhaka)
    • Studied in a Top English-medium school since kindergarten level
    • Highly proficient in communicating in Native-level English
    • Lived in overseas for about 12 years
    • Worked for an Australian MNC for 3 years
    • Personally met and interacted with 600+ customers from 30+ countries in a span of 5 years while doing business.
    • Currently working remotely in Dhaka as a Marketing Consultant with businesses located in N. America, United Kingdom, and S.E. Asia.

I’m offering this English Practice Program (EPP) as a start of a new project which is to help Bangladeshi graduates and professionals speak and write English like a native.

Initially, I’ll be the only instructor for the program and so the seats are limited to only 5 students  per group for the November 2022 session.

Here’s What This Program Will Do For You:

Unlike a school or any coaching institution, we don’t teach you English grammar and vocabulary in a traditional way.

Instead, we make you practise English – reading and writing – and correct your mistakes in the process, so that you can improve your English as you practise regularly.

It’s the same way how you learn to play cricket or any other sport. Instead of reading books on how to play good cricket, you practise playing the sport and, eventually, you get better at it as you learn from your mistakes.

If you think about it… it’s the same way how children of native English speakers learn English naturally as they speak to their parents from a very early age. Although they don’t learn any rules of English grammar until they get to primary school… they can still speak decent English during kindergarten years.

This is why the top English-medium schools make it mandatory for the students to always speak in English at the campus and write answers to test questions in their own words, instead of memorizing books and notes.

This is also how I learnt English at an early age when I switched from a Bengali-medium school to an English-medium one at kindergarten level.

From my own experience, I found out that the KEY to improving English proficiency is to do a LOT of reading and writing, as well as to spend more time in speaking the language.

There’s no doubt that the schools and coaching institutions are good for learning English and preparing for a specific English exam. You can even watch free videos on YouTube to learn any foreign language.

However, the problem is… just by reading English Grammar books and attending English classes you’re not going to increase your proficiency in the language …UNLESS you do a lot of practice.

You can TRULY improve your English skill ONLY WHEN you PRACTISE IT A LOT.

That’s why I’ve created this 12-week English Practice Program for you to develop your English skills …simply by doing a lot of reading and writing on regular basis.

Here’s Who This Is For:

You must have a strong will and determination to write English like a native English Speaker. If you don’t care to improve your English proficiency, this program is not a good fit for you.

Moreover, this English Practice Program is best for you if you are:

1️ Preparing for TOEFL, IELTS, or any English Exam;

2️ Planning to work or study in an English-speaking country in the near future; or

3️ Determined to improve your English Proficiency for a better career;

Here’s How It Works:

Our English Practice Program is a 12-week online course in which you would be writing a total of 44 assignments in 11 weeks, followed by 4 exams in the 12th week.

Each assignment requires you to complete a writing task from the past exam papers of IELTS Writing – academic or general.

So, if you are preparing for IELTS to study abroad, you would need to sit for the IELTS Academic test. On the other hand, if you are intending to work or immigrate abroad, you would need to take the IELTS General test.

You will be spending 20 minutes for doing Task 1 or 40 minutes for doing Task 2 everyday, four days a week.

You need a computer with internet access to do the assignments in Google Doc and to attend the online class every Thursday.

Each assignment will be checked within 24 hours and feedback will be given in the Google Doc (through comments).

Model Answer for each task will also be provided, so that you can learn how to write like an expert and increase your vocabulary skills.

Apart from doing the assignments, you will be spending at least 1 hour for reading an English literature that will be provided to you. This will be your another source of learning new words and improving your English vocabulary.

The online class will be held for 60-90 minutes every Thursday, followed by a 30-minute Question and Answer session.

Here’s the timetable for the English Practice Program:

Feedback for each group member’s writing assignments will be broadcasted in the online class, so that you not only learn from your own mistakes, but also learn from other people’s mistakes.

We will keep your writing assignment anonymous. That means your name won’t be mentioned during the class.

So, here’s a quick summary of the program:

12-Week program | 4 Tasks + 1 class Per week

You will be practising either Task 1 or 2 of IELTS exam paper every week.

Duration for Task 1 assignment: 20 minutes
Duration for Task 2 assignment: 40 minutes

Assignment Deadline:
11:59 PM on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Assignment Feedback:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Weekly Class on Thursdays:
First 60-90 minutes: A summary of feedback for all the assignments.
Next 30 minutes: Q&A session for you to ask questions for more feedback.

This program is perfect for:

✅ Anyone who is sitting for an English exam, such as IELTS, in the next four months from now; or

✅ Someone who needs to improve his/her English significantly in a short period of time; or

✅ Someone who is very weak in English and needs to practise a lot, and who prefers to renew the program every 3 months; AND

✅ Someone who can dedicate 7-9 hours a week to practise English through this program.

Your Total Investment for the 12-Week Program:
৳15,000 only

The Investment:

The reason I don’t call the price of the program as ‘tuition fee’, but rather an investment is because… at the end of the program, when you get to improve your English proficiency and fluency:

💡 You can score better in any English exam (IELTS, TOEFL, etc).

💡 You can meet English Language requirement at any overseas university of your choice.

💡 You won’t struggle to study and write exams in English at university anymore.

💡 You can be confident to immigrate to any English-speaking country and find work there.

💡 You can work for a job in Dhaka that requires you to have high proficiency in English.

💡 You can communicate more efficiently and effectively with foreign clients.

The opportunities are endless.

So that’s why I call it an ‘investment’ instead of a tuition fee.

Your total investment is ৳15,000 only.

You can either make full payment when registering for the program… or you can prepay on a monthly basis.

If you choose to pay on a monthly basis, you can cancel anytime. You won’t be bound to pay for the remaining months.

However… if you choose to make full payment during registration, I got an Exciting Offer for you.

Get 20% Off for the entire program and pay ৳15,000 ৳12,000 only.

Yes! I’m willing to invest in you by lowering the fees IF you choose to invest in yourself by making the full payment during registration.

When you prepay the full amount for the program, you’re more likely to commit yourself in doing all the assignments regularly and thus get to improve your English significantly at the end of the program. 

However, this offer is only limited to the first 5 people who sign up today. So, if you seriously want to improve your English writing skills…

Here’s what to do next:

✅ Before investing in the English Practice Program (EPP), apply for a one-to-one 30-minute Trial Class by paying a 300 deposit through bKash.

✅ After you sign up for the trial class, I will contact you by email and text message to schedule the online class through Zoom. You’ll be given a written assignment which you need to complete and submit by email before showing up for the scheduled class.

✅ During the trial class, I will spend about 10-15 minutes giving you feedback on your written assignment, and give you 10-15 minutes to ask me any questions regarding the 12-week program.

✅ If you’re fully satisfied with the Trial Class and would like to invest in the EPP, you can proceed to fill out an online registration form and make the balance payment for the program. Payment can be made through bKash or cash (in-person).

✅ If you choose to register in person and pay by cash, then you need to come to my office at Banani, Dhaka at an appointed time.

✅ Upon receiving the balance payment, I will send you a confirmation email about your completed registration with the payment receipt.

Then get started in improving your English when the program begins.

Start Date:

The English Practice Program will officially begin on:

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Registration Ends:

Registration for the training program will close on:

Thursday, November 3, 2022

…but if you want to grab the limited seats, you need to apply NOW to book your spot.

And get 20% off for the full-payment for the program.


Which is why it’s VERY limited – only 5 candidates will get 20% off.

So go ahead, apply now and let’s improve your English skills by 2023.

Isn’t it time for you to prepare for a life that will depend on your ability to communicate well in English… especially if you plan to study or work in UK, Canada or any English-speaking country?

And isn’t it time to eliminate stress, uncertainty and overwhelm in your career and start enjoying the benefits of being proficient and fluent in English language?

So go ahead… Apply now and let’s get started.

Talk soon,

Ashique Abdullah


DISCLAIMER: I can hope that there is a ‘higher chance’ for you to score better in English exam after you complete our English Practice Program. However, I cannot guarantee that you will score better because it will depend on your personal commitment and dedication in putting all the effort to improving your English.

I believe that if you practise ALL the assignments regularly on time and attend all the classes attentively throughout the 12-week program, you can definitely score well and reach your target score (7.0 overall in IELTS, for example).

Speaking and writing English like a native will require WORK, COMMITMENT, and most importantly, PERSEVERANCE. So get ready to put in the work and stick out. If you’re not committed, I’d advise you to pass on this.

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